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Robert Stockton
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    Hi, my name is Robert.  I was born and raised in southern Oregon. I have always had a passion for outdoor recreation, primarily fishing and hunting in the Upper Rogue area.  At the age of twelve, I moved in with the Grieve family, a predominate fishing family with an outstanding reputation.  

    This is where I gained my experience and professionalism for fishing and river guiding. I continue to pass this knowledge onto my clients in hopes that fishing will remain a thriving sport.  I absolutely love the thrill of watching people catch fish.  The excitement and joy that comes from others when they have caught a fish is what keeps me rowing my boat!   

    I accredit my success as a fishing/ river guide to my  Dad, legendary Kern Grieve and to my brothers, Donny and Vernon.   We continue to work closely together as a family which makes my chosen career all the more meaningful.  


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